Thrillville 07

Thrillville 07

A nice strategy game in which you have the chance to run a theme park

If you are tired of your PC games, and want to try something different, Thrillville is a good alternative that is very alike Theme Park, but with slight differences.
In this game, you are asked by your Uncle Mortimer to run his famous theme park: Thrillville.
As a part of the story, you will have to manage a theme park and make your own decisions, but before you go into the management part, you will have to test and asses each of the games from the spectator's point of view. As you begin using your skills in the game, your evil rival Vernon Garrison who has lots of money to invest in his own theme park, begins noticing what you are doing, and, in order to ensure the success of his own park, he will do whatever it takes, even if he has to steal your own ideas.
Having a good relationship with the people who visit the park will help you to have a better reputation. You will also have to ride the rides first, but not only that, you also will be able to know what kind of things are not working in the park and what of those can you improve with only one thing in mind: make your customers happy.
There are 5 themed parks that you will have to progress through:
PARK 1 - Thrillville
PARK 2 - Thrillville: Time Warp
PARK 3 - Thrillville: Paradise
PARK 4 - Thrillville: Adventures
PARK 5 - Treasures of Thrillville

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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  • Good story
  • Interesting features
  • Test your management skills


  • Not suitable for FPS lovers ;)
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